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Всё о легендах Русского Рока
Hosted by ARTSTYLE

1993 - Chizh.

  • Chizh -- el. guitar, ac. guitar, piano, vocal.
  • Nikolay Korzinin -- drums.
  • Sergey Berezovoi -- bass.
  • Mikhail Chernov -- sax, flute.
  • Alexander Kondrashkin -- percussion.
  • Ivan Voropaev -- violin.
  • Alexander Borovko -- harmonica.
  • Boris Grebenshikov, Mikhail Klemeshov -- vocal.
  • Sound engineer -- Yury Morozov.
  • Producers -- Igor Berezovets, Andrey Burlaka.

© 1993 Sergey Chigrakov. All rights reserved.

  • Bus.
  • In old O. town.
  • Eternal Youth.
  • Mouse (Hippie's lullaby).
  • Russian (I Want Some Tea).
  • By Eyes and Soul.
  • Hoochie Coochie Man.
  • She Didn't Marry...
  • These things.
  • Stupid Song (Assol).

1994 - Chizh & Co. Live.

© 1994 Sergey Chigrakov. All rights reserved.

  • Darling.
  • She Didn't Marry...
  • Additional 38th.
  • Evolution.
  • Road song.
  • Hoochie Coochie Man.
  • You were first in this town.
  • If.
  • Taiga all over.

1995 - Intersection.

© 1995 Sergey Chigrakov. All rights reserved.

  • Intro (instrumental).
  • Additional 38th.
  • Sen-Similia.
  • Intersection.
  • I'm not like that.
  • If.
  • Crusade.
  • I got no freedom.
  • Good morning.
  • Coda (instrumental).

1995 - ... About Love.

  • Chizh: vocal, guitar, accordion, mandolin, sitar, banjo, harmonica, keyboard, percussion.
  • Mikhail Vladimirov: guitar, percussion.
  • Alexey Romanyuk: bass, percussion.
  • Vladimir Khanutin: drums, percussion.
  • Marina Kapuro: back-vocal (13).
  • Sound engineer: Yury Morozov.
  • Recording engineer: Andrey Novozhilov.
  • Project producer: Igor Berezovets, management: Julia Lebedinova.

© 1995 Chizh & Co. All rights reserved.

  • Door to summer (I).
  • Wind takes out of hands (Rest of money).
  • Soldier at rest.
  • OK
  • I called you from the public phone...
  • Liquid lover.
  • Still Life.
  • About Love.
  • Idyll.
  • Walk in Odessa.
  • Here the bullet flew by.
  • Mama.
  • Point.
  • Door to summer (II).

1995 - Greatest Hits.

  • Chizh: vocal, el. guitar, piano, accordion, ac. guitar.
  • Mikhail Vladimirov: el. guitar, ac. guitar.
  • Alexey Romanyuk: bass-guitar.
  • Vladimir Khanutin: drums.
  • Sound engineer: Yury Morozov.
  • Mastering: Yury Morozov, Andrey Novozhilov, Alexey Barashkin.
  • Producer: Igor Berezovets, management: Julia Lebedinova.

Recorded during the concert in "Oktyabrsky" Large Concert Hall (St.-Petersburg) on September 21, 1995.

© 1995 Chizh & Co. All rights reserved.

  • About Love.
  • Rest of money.
  • Sen Similia.
  • Here bullet flew by...
  • Intersection.
  • Still Life.
  • Taiga all over...
  • Soldier at rest.
  • She didn't marry...
  • I want some tea.
  • Eternal youth.

1996 - Sensual zone.

  • Chizh -- guitar, accordion, vocal, keyboard.
  • Mikhail Vladimirov -- el. guitar.
  • Alexey Romanyuk -- bass-guitar.
  • Vladimir Khanutin -- drums, back-vocal.
  • Sound engineer -- Yury Morozov.
  • Producer -- Igor Berezovets.
  • Management -- Julia Lebedinova.

© 1996 Chizh & Co. All rights reserved.

  • Phantom.
  • Dynamo waltz.
  • Train again.
  • Sensual zone.
  • Russo Matrosso.
  • Here's ambush or betrayal.
  • Nice Sunday.
  • Eternal youth.
  • Lyrical.

1996 - Polonaise.

  • Chizh -- vocal, electric guitar, piano, accordion, guitar.
  • Mikhail Vladimirov -- electric guitar, acoustic guitar.
  • Alexey Romanyuk -- bass-guitar.
  • Vladimir Khanutin -- drums.
  • Evgeny Barinov -- accordion.
  • Chamber orchestra conducted by Y. Serebryakov.
  • Sound engineer -- Yury Morozov.

© 1996 Chizh & Co. All rights reserved.

  • Train.
  • Here's ambush or betrayal.
  • Bride.
  • Going home.
  • Cosmic waltz.
  • Crocodile.
  • Polonaise.
  • Was driving all night.
  • Don't tell me about her.
  • Fairy.

1997 - Bombers.

  • Sergey Chigrakov: Vocal, guitar, accordion, keyboard, percussion, tap dance.
  • Alexey Romanyuk: Bass-guitar, back-vocal.
  • Mikhail Vladimirov: Guitar, back-vocal.
  • Vladimir Khanutin: Drums, back-vocal.
  • Evgeny Barinov: Accordion, keyboard, percussion, back-vocal.
  • Marina and Tat'yana Kapuro: vocal (2, 3, 4, 11).
  • David Goloshekin: trumpet (7, 9), sax (10, 13).
  • Nikita Zaitsev: violin (2, 4, 6).
  • Mikhail Kozlovsky: tuba (1).
  • Ensemble "Jazz-Comfort" (8, 10).
  • String quartet guided by Y. Serebryakov (6).
  • Sound engineer: Yury Morozov.
  • Executive producer: Igor Berezovets.

© 1997 Chizh & Co. All rights reserved.

  • Clouds above the city. (P. Armand)
  • Under Balkan stars. (M. Blanter -- M. Isakovsky)
  • Rumbling tanks on the field... (G. Portnov -- V. Suslov)
  • Bombers. (D. McKew, arranged by A. Ostrovsky -- S. Bolotin, T. Sikorskaya)
  • Partisan beard. (L. Bokalov -- M. Lapirov)
  • Yellow leaves. (O. Strok -- N. Labkovsky)
  • Migratory birds fly. (M. Blanter -- M. Isakovsky)
  • Leningrad bridges. (M. Tabachnikov -- L. Davidovich, V. Dragunsky)
  • Yellow rain. (R. Gutsenok)
  • Nylon heart. (Y. Frenkel' -- I. Shaferan)
  • There is! (D. Tukhmanov -- M. Nozhkin)
  • Out lovelies. (D. Tukhmanov -- I. Shaferan)
  • Autumn. (V. Kozin -- E. Belogorodskaya, V. Kozin)

Sergey Chigrakov (Chizh), the founder and leader of the group and also a poet and composer was born in Dzerzhinsk on February the 6th, 1961. He began to play guitar since he was 6 and played in different local bands with his brother since he was 13. In his home town he finished Musical School and academy. Later, in Leningrad he graduated from the Leningrad State Conservatory and played accordion.

His real musical career started with the band from Kharkov called "Extra-curriculum Time" ("Gruppa Prodlennogo Dnya"). The leader of the band was Alexander Chernetsky. Chizh played accordion and keyboards there and was also a soloist and an author of the songs. But this band is known better under its second name, "Different People" ("Raznye Lyudi")

Unfortunately not everything was perfect in the band and after while, in 1993, Chizh left Kharkov and the band to St.-Petersburg. In Russian Northern Capital after surprisingly small time Chizh was adopted by monsters of Russian Rock and next year, in 1994 he recorded his first individual project called "Chizh". By that time, he didn't have his own band and the record was made with session musicians - B. Grebenshikov, Mikhail Chernov (DDT sax player), N. Korzinin. This album was like a catapult, which through him onto Olympus of Russian Rock Music, where Chizh had taken his own spot and feels fairly comfortable now. That was his first success. After that he created his own group, called "Chizh & Co" and records very good albums every year, getting better and better.

His songs are a some sort of mix of Folk and light Rock. Maybe not Rock, something else, but I can ensure you, it sounds great!

Speaking about text, I'd note that his texts are still very socially sharp and this band is one of the few ones that's not being attacked by the press and fans for its "mildness". His songs are ultimately patriotic.

The band travels a lot and gives many concert in different part of Russia on different stages, from small local stages to the "Luzhniki" stadium, where one of their albums, "Greatest Hits Live", was recorded.

The group doesn't have video clips except the one, that was made a short time ago on song "Polonaise" under direction of S. Kalvarsky.

All records were made by SoLyd Records. This studio is the owns the copyrights on all Chizh's production.

Pavel Rebrov,
со своей странички.